From «Mechanix Illustrated», November 1946
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Airliner Deluxe

Superfort's "big brother" is the post-war Stratocruiser
PRESENTED her are the first interior shots of a full size model of the coming Boeing Stratocruiser transport airliner.
The big plane is a "blood brother" of Boeing's famous B-29 and incorporates all its aerodynamic advancements. It will carry 81 passengers — or a payload of 39,000 pounds — at speeds close to 400 mph.
Talking stewardess
A the flick of a linger the stewardess can talk to any part of the great ship.
A lucky gal is any stewardess who serves from a "heavenly" galley like this.
Two doors
Time is all-important! These twin doors speed loading and unloading.
Boeing Stratocruiser
Unique double-deck feature provides spacious cabin and lounge for global flights.
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