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Man-Dig Those Crazy Los Angeles Freeways LOS ANGELES FREEWAY SYSTEM
Showing Downtown Los Angeles, Calfornia

The Los Angeles Freeway system is unique in that it criss-crosses the city and makes it possible to drive through the heart of the Metropolitan area at high-way speeds.
Color by Emil Cuhel
RansaYV-C-ERH Boeing 377 Stratocruiser
Boeing 377 Stratocruiser

A supplemental carrier, Transocean was born in 1946, and at its peak had 6500 employees. Fourteen luxurious double-decked Stratocruisers were purchased used form BOAC to fly the carrier's transcontinental and Pacific routes. Only eight were actually placed into service, with the balance grounded for spare parts. Transocean went bankrupt on July 11, 1960 and the entire Stratocruiser fleet was sold at auction for a mere $150,000. The majority of the remains eventually went to Aero Space Lines, for use in modification of 277s to "Pregnant Guppy" oversized freighters.>
TransoceanFrom the collection of Bill Thompson

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