Stratocruiser B.O.A.C.

SpeedbirdB.O.A.C Stratocruiser Speedbird
SpeedbirdB.O.A.C Stratocruiser Speedbird
B.O.A.C. Stratocruiser aircraft powered by 4 Patt & Whitney Wasp Major engines. Cruising speed 325 m.p.h. Designed and built by the Boeing Airplane Company
BOAC StratocruiserB.O.A.C Stratocruiser to U.S.A. and Canada
BOAC StratocruiserB.O.A.C Stratocruiser Speedbird
New York International AirportAERIAL VIEW OF NEW YORK INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTOne of the world's greatest airports, its opens a new era in the comfortable and efficient handling of passengers in the modern jet age. The Arrival Building - with its Airline Wing Buildings shown in the center, is 2300 feet or 11 city blocks long. The parking fields hold 6,000 cars.
Stratocruiser Speedbird
B.O.A.C. Stratocruiser in Flight
New York International Airport Idlewild, Queens546 — NEW YORK INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT IDLEWILD, QUEENS
Lower-deck loungeB.O.A.C. luxury Stratocruiser services between North America, the United Kingdom, Continental Europe and the Middle East.
Heathrow AirportBOEING 377 STRATOCRUISER, B.O.A.C.
Heathrow Airport, April 1954
StratocruiserBoeing Stratocruiser. BOAC's Transatlantic.
StratocruiserB.O.A.C STRATOCRUISER — Powered by 4 Pratt & Whitney 28 cylinder air-cooled radial engines and has a cruising speed of 265/305 m.p.h. at an altitude of between 10,000 and 25'000 feet.
Length 110 ft. 4 ins., wing span 141 ft. 3 ins.
Prestwick Airport, ScotlandValentine & Sons. LTD. Dundee and London

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