Cutaway Views

The New Double Decked Clipper

Pan American cutaway view
Spacious and completely uncrowded, the 53-passenger main cabin affords every passenger an oversized, cushioned lung-chair, readily adjustable with just the flick of a switch. The intimate and attractive lower-deck lunge of this 75-passenger Clipper is an invitation to stroll from your seat for exercise, refreshments, and a complete change of surroundings.
Cabin Lounge
The large, forward luxury compartments are ideal for family groups, businessman's conferences, or for those who desire more privacy in flight. The seats her, too, make up int extra wide upper and lower berths. In this shining, stainless-steel kitchen, tempting full-course meals, prepared by expert chefs before take-off, are cooked during flight in efficient electric ovens for both passengers and crew. Coffee is made up fresh and is available whenever you wish.
Compartement Kitchen
Mealtime Berth Sleeperet
Mealtime aboard the Clipper is a pleasant time for everyone with dishes inviting enough to tempt even the smallest appetite. Each seat has tempt even the smallest appetites. Each seat has its own table for dining in comfort without tray knee-balancing, or for games and letter-writing. More than half the seats in the main upper-deck cabin are convertible to sleeper accommodations, wider and longer even than those of standard Pullmans. In the quiet of the sound-proofed, air-conditioned Clipper, deep, refreshing sleep is a certainty.

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