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The Plane of the year!

The New Stratocruiser Flagship — American Airlines, INC — American Overseas Airlines, INC.


Now you can fly from New York to London or Shannon, Ireland on the new double-decked Stratocruiser Flagship

THIS NEW queen of the skies, the most luxurious Flagship ever constructed, is air conditioned and pressurized throughout. A private stateroom, spacious lounges and dressing rooms provide the utmost in passenger comfort. Cocktails and delicious full course meals, prepared in flight, are served with our compliments.
Best of all, you don't pay one cent extra for this new premium service — because it is American Airlines policy to provide you with the best in air transportation at the lowest possible cost.
So, for the fastest and finest in transatlantic travel, see your travel agent or nearest American Airlines office.

American Overseas Arilines cutaway view

The value of the year!

Extra Luxury but no extra Fare

Berth Sleep Your Way Abroad — You'll want to stretch out and sleep in the extra-length, luxurious berths (available for only a small surcharge).
Club Lounge above the Clouds — This lower lounge, with large observation windows, reached by spiral staircase, seats 14, features its own service bar. Lounge

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