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Biggest Passenger Plane Goes Into Service

Biggest Passenger Plane goes Into Service
THESE pictures show the luxurious, high-speed vehicles this year's air traveler will use. Pan American World Airways now has the 340 mph Boeing Stratocruiser in service. United Airlines will put theirs in service this fall. Before the end of 1949, Boeing will have delivered the double-decker giants to four other airlines: American Overseas Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Scandinavian Airlines System and British Overseas Airways.
Veteran Pan American engineers consider this craft a revolution in air transportation. They compare it with the change from the 8-seat "egg beaters" of the early 1930's to the 21-seat DC-3's that put the air- lines into big business. Cost of the Stratocruiser is $1,500,000.
Galley supplies reveal some interesting habits of overseas travelers. They drink more Scotch than any other liquor, and by weight do more drinking than reading. Pan American will provide 67 pounds of liquor to 24 pounds of literature. Twenty-four of the 61 travelers will forget toothbrushes. Finally, the babies going overseas will be expected to use up 24 diapers.
Pan American Stratocruiser
Pan American Stratocruiser and its load of 61 passengers, 8 crew, baggage and fuel trucks make an impressive array. Plane loaded weighs over 142,000 lbs.
Compact galley
Compact galley, not much larger than a household closet can serve 69 persons three times without reloading. It includes two ovens, four refrigerators, seven 6-gallon jugs.
Lower deck
Lower deck lounge seats 14 people comfortably. Passenger do not even have to hold their own drinks. A novel gadget that clips into the arm rest does the chore for them.
Four daytime chairs open into berths seven inches wider and four inches longer than standard railroad Pullman accommodations. Passengers can have breakfast served in bed.

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