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Just what is the feminine angel from which you view the world? The business-woman's' desk? The gal Friday's phone? The cover girl's pedestal? Or your lord and master's hearthside

Whatever your viewpoint,this is a special message to you . . . to all woman, and to the men in your lives.

To the woman executive for whom travel time is premium stuff, who has no minutes or days to throw away. To the working gal who wants more from vacation than a trip to the same old lake or the same old mountains. To the smart woman, who knows the fair sex has a right to the nicer things in life. To the wife, who has such a voice in the comings and going of her husband , who helps him in decisions that make him a success.

Fact is, more women — and their men — go abroad by air than any other way . . . and twice as many go Pan American as by all other U.S. airlines combined.

So this is the story of Pan Am Clipper travel . . . slanted especially to the ladies.
It shows why women who get up and go — go Pan Am Clipper!






2,000 FLIGHTS 

Cockpit (not a Stratocruiser) Pilots


IN THIS WOMAN'S WORLD know-how has become a woman's word. Your rely on your experience . . . on the experience of your couturier or caterer . . . because you know experience counts. And it counts heavily in overseas air travel.

That's why today's travelers — particularly the ladies — want the reassurance than only the unequaled record of the "World's Most Experienced Airline" can give . . . 48,000 transatlantic flights, 30,000 transpacific flights, 37,000 equator crossings and 2,000 round the world trips . . . while carrying more than 13 million passengers. It's a record of over a billion miles in safety and comfort . . . aboard the world's most modern aircraft.

And Pan Am passengers can count on their Clipper crews, too. Chosen by stringent standards . . . trained intensively . . . checked with frequent refresher courses, they're the finest aloft. And on the ground, too — where PAA's globe-spanning communications  

net, advanced weather research and flight plotting help make Clipper trave the pace-setter in dependability.

Clipper passengers also appreciate the world-wide reservations system that can confirm your Clipper passage anywhere, any time, within a mere five minutes. They like the freedom of Pan American's frequent schedules and extensive service . . . the only U.U. airline serving all six continents. And the wide choice of services Pan Am gives — the tourist's favorite, money-saving Rainbow . . . the First Class President . . . the premium fare President Special.

What can such a pioneering record mean for you? Just this — complete confidence for yourself, for your family, in the world's most dependable transportation. For you'll be traveling with the leader . . . the airline that carries 28% of all air-and-seaborne travel to and from the continental United States.




FINE FOOD traditionally is part of the sense of release that comes with travel . . . whether you're escaping from the humdrum of kitchen routine, or the hurry-scurry of quick lunches.

So look forward to your first full-course Clipper dinner! It tastes so good and is served so deftly, you wonder how they do it . . . until you learn about the method Pan Am pioneered. Skilled Continental chefs select, prepare and cook the food in great central kitchens, located in such gourmet Meccas as New York, Paris and San Francisco. Then, when at flavor peak, the meals are quick-frozen and whisked off by Clipper to distributing points along PAA routes.

Aboard your Clipper, the purser presides over a gleaming galley with electric ovens especially designed so he can serve these meals in the manner of the world's great restaurants.

It's all done so perfectly to Madame's taste — including complimentary cocktails on The President and champagne too on The President Special — that you'll find mealtime one of the glamorous high points of your Clipper adventure. There's never a tab, of course. And no tipping for any of the services that distinguish Clipper travel. Another reason you'll be so glad you left home . . . and so sure there's no finer way to travel!





YOUR CLIPPER CABIN'S so distinctively designed for stretch-out, stroll-about comfort, you'd hardly guess the world's drifting by below you. Though you're riding high above the weather, your air-conditioned, pressurized, sound-proofed cabin cradles you in living-room luxury.

And more! Purser and stewardesses make your enjoyment their full-time job. Magazines, games for the children, sewing kit? Stationery, pillow or blanket? Something to nibble or sip between meals? All you need do is ask.

On Double-Decked Clippers, you may step down for a delightful change of scene in the lower-deck Lounge . . . where the decor, the companionship, the refreshments would spark a gleam of envy in the eye of the most fastidious hostess. And aboard Double-Decked Super Strato-Cruisers in transatlantic President services, the privacy and prestige of a President Stateroom can be yours. Or perhaps you'll revel in the luxury of the extra-fare President Special, with its 7-course champagne dinner, orchids and flacon of perfume for each lady passenger.

On whatever Pan Am service you travel, you'll appreciate the splendidly appointed dressing rooms that are a feature of every Clipper. Complete facilities make freshening up or changing clothes a leisurely routine . . . overnight travel a thoroughly pleasant experience.

And how you'll sleep on night flights, cradled in your supersoft chair, its back angled to whatever position your prefer! On many flights, you'll enjoy Pan Am0s exclusive SleeperetteService featuring a full-reclining armchair that converts to a bed-length lounge. Or, on all Presidents flights, at extra charge, you may reserve a full-length, foam-rubber berth.

From takeoff to touch-down, Madame, you'll find it's so much more fun . . . so much more comfortable, to fly by Clipper!


. . . see the latest fashions — in the original


 . . . enjoy fun-and-sun-filled relaxation

WHEN YOU BUY a Pan Am ticket, you're buying much more than just a ride from here to there! As well as a bonus of fun in flight while you're on your way, you're buying an added bonus of precious days to do more, see more when you get there.


Suppose you're pressed by office duties fifty weeks a year. No need to feel tied down by your "little two-week vacation". They're two big weeks! You could leave New York by Clipper on a Saturday, say . . . see London, Paris, Rome and the Riviera. Then by restful, west-bound Clipper you're back at work by Monday morning . . . just two weeks later! And richer by a brimming heart-load of wonderful, wonderful memories.


If you can arrange a week or so more, your Clipper holiday can take you through all the countries of Europe . . . Round South America . . . or clear down under to Australia and New Zealand!

You can save so may travel dollars . . . by Clipper! For instance, by arranging your itinerary to take advantage of PAA's extra city travel bonus plan, you can visit many more places by paying little if any more fare than you planned originally.

And, on that subject of time, if your husband takes international business trips, suggest he take a Clipper. You'll have him home much sooner, more rested and successful. Thanks to Clipper schedules, he'll have accomplished more in less time . . . at less tiring expense of energy.

. . . he'll be home from business trip sooner
Sooner homer


QUITE LIKELY you keep a guiding touch on the purse-strings in your family . . . or you're a breadwinner on your own. So you'll be especially interested to know how Clipper travel can save you dollars because it saves you time . . . and also bring you added savings three ways more!

First — a two-week tour to Britain, France, Italy and the Riviera is but one ho hundreds of Pan Am budget Holidays. An all-inclusive travel package designed for you, it costs you as little as $763,40, New York to New York!

Second — you can slash this modest cost more than $100 by going during "Thrift Season" . . . November through March, when Continental gaiety's at its height, but Transatlantic Clipper fares are at their lowest.

And then — you can budget this or any other Clipper travel on Pan Am's original and much-imitated Pay Later Plan. No need to "save up" for years, or dip into your cash reserves. Just 10% down . . . take off tomorrow . . . and pay the rest out of income in monthly installments after you get back!

For full details, ask your nearest authorized Pan American Travel Agent. He's an expert at making all travel arrangements . . . answering your questions on such things as climate, clothes and customs. Most of his services cost you nothing and he'll help you get more for your money. For he's familiar wit Pan Am Holiday tours . . . Round the World Clipper routings . . . Rainbow Service at low tourist fares . . . and Pan Am's Pay Later Plan.
So — see him soon.