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Boeing 29A

B29The Stratocruiser was basically a civilian version of the B-29 with similar wings and empennage. Both types were initially burdened with engine problems, the B-29s with the infamous pyromaniac 3350s and the Whitney 4360 "corncob" engines. The long list of woes attributed to those 28-cylinder monstrosities defeated the most determined efforts of engineers and public relations officers.

Pam Am N1024V


NX1024V First Flight: October 7, 1948
Delivered: June 11, 1949
N1024V Pan Am Clipper America, Clipper Bald Eagle, Clipper Cathay
Total Time: September 1959, 33,154.62 hours
Returned to Boeing: January 25, 1961
N126AJ American Jet Industries
Converted to Boeing 377-PG

Pan Am N1037V


First Flight: August 11, 1949
Delivered: September 8, 1949
N1037V  Pan Am Clipper Fleetwing
Total Time: September 1959, 26,225.31 hours
Returned to Boeing August 4, 1960
Aero Spacelines 1963, Spirit of Santa Barbara
Converted to Mini Guppy
  first flight May 24, 1967
N422AJ  American Jet Industries
N422AU Aero Union, Chico, California, July 1981
Erickson Air Crane 1990
wfu 1995, displayed Tillamook, Oregon

Pan Am N1040V


First Flight: September 23, 1949
Delivered: October 31, 1949
N1040V  Pan Am Clipper Invincible
Total Time: September 1959, 25,558.39 hours
Returned to Boeing: August 4,1960
HC-AFS/AGA  Linea International Aeras SA,
Princess Everetta Maria
Ferried Quito, Ecuador. Seized.
Presumed scrapped:1967

Northwest N74603


First Flight: April9, 1949
Delivered July 10, 1949
N74603  Northwest Stratocruiser Chicago
  Stratocruiser New York
  Stratocruiser Seattle-Taoma

Lockheed Aircraft, September 1960,
  Total Time: 31,071 hours
Lee Mansdorf — aircraft broker
Aero Spacelines — 1963,
  subsequently broken up, Mojave 1982



First Flight: September 1, 1949
Delivered: November 15, 1949
G-AKGH  BOAC RMA Caledonia
Bapp Company — aircraft brokers
N137A  Transocean, August 1958
N402Q  Transocean
Airline Quipement Company,
  September 1, 1960
Lee Mansdorf — aircraft broker
Aero Spacelines 1963
Destroyed: Ground collision with N90942,
  Mojave, 1969

United N31225


First Flight: July 8, 1949
Delivered: September 28, 1949
N31225 United Air Lines Mainliner Hawaii
G-ANTX BOAC, December 1954, RMA Cleopatra
Ghana Airways titles, 1959
Babb Company - aircraft brokers
N107Q Transocean, July 25, 1959, ntu
N412Q Transocean, ntu
Airline Equipment Company, September 1, 1960
Lee Mansdorf - aircraft broker
Lloyd Dorsett, Norman, Oklahoma, June 1963
Aero Spacelines, Mojave, Scrapped:1964

Super Guppy: Aero Spacelines Inc.

Aero SpacelinesN211AS

KC-97 Tanker

KC-97with jet engines!


Box FrontBox BackToy

MATS (Toy)


United (Toy)


Northwest (Toy)


Air Command I (Toy)


Air Command II (Toy)


Dragon Wings 1:400


Herpa Models 1:500

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