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Fujiyama Trays & Oshibori Towels
by Anne Billingsley Kerr

Cover of the book 'Fujiyama Trays & Oshibori towel' Author: Anne Billingsley Kerr
Published: 2009
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Boeing 377 Stratocruiser & Related Variants

StratocruiserPublisher: Aviation Data Centre
Author: Various
First Published: 2001
Pages: 48
ISBN: 1840372427
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Boeing Stratocruiser

Stratocruiser Author: Hewson
First Published: 2001
Pages: 128

Boeing 367/377

Stratocruiser ISBN:3925671188
Publisher: Nara
Author: Bach M.
Format: a4
No. Pages: 71
Language : German

Boeing 377 Stratocruiser

Stratocruiser ISBN 1580070477
Serie: Airliner Tech Srs vol. 09
Publisher: Specialty Press (US)
Author: Veronico N.A.
No. Pages: 104

Building for Air Travel

Stratocruiser Author: John Zukowsky
Publisher: Prestel
First Published: 1996
Pages: 256
Language: English
ISBN: 3791316842

Northwest Orient

Publisher: Gallery Books
First Published: February 1987
Language: English
ISBN: 0831764465

Stratocruiser & C-97

Author: Ian Mackintosh
Publisher: Airline Publications & Sales Ltd


Authors: Guy Norris and Mark Wagner Publisher: MBI
First Published: 1998
ISBN: 0-7603-0497-1

The Classic Civil Aircraft Guide

Editor: David Donald Publisher: Book Sales
Published: 1999 Language: English
ISBN: 0785810897

Strange Encounters

Author: David Beaty
Hardcover: 160 pages
Publisher: Atheneum; 1st American ed edition (March 1984)
Language: English
ISBN: 0689114478

Boeing Aircraft Cutaways

Authors: Mike Badrocke & Bill Gunston
Hardcover 144 pages (October 30, 1998)
Publisher: Osprey
Language: English
ISBN: 1855327856

Flying Circus

Author: Ernest K. Gann
Hardcover 240 pages (June 1, 1976)
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton Ltd
ISBN: 0340206934
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On the Airways

Author: Patty O'Neal
Publisher: Whitman Publishing Company
Published: 1946

One minute to ditch

Author: Cornelius Ryan
Publisher: Ballantine Books

Propeller Airliners

Author: Bill Gunston
Publisher: Exeter
ISBN: 0896730786

Air Disaster (Vol. 4: The Propeller Era)

The book lists all the major hull losses of the Strats. Chapter 11 lists the three ditchings in the Pacific, one off of the Oregon coast and two halfway between the West Coast (of the U.S.) and Hawaii.

Chapter 12 is the story of the military version of the Stratocruiser. The third attachment is a photo of the C-97 immediately before landing.

The C-97 had a runaway number 1 engine halfway between the West Coast and Honolulu. The engine would not feather so they cut off the oil supply to the engine. The engine then froze and the propeller assembly broke free of the engine and spun freely in the wind. The propeller assembly then heated up and the number 2 engine was feathered.

When the number 1 propeller assembly broke free of the engine it took a meter of blade off of one of the number 2 propeller blades.

The number 2 engine could not be restarted because of the imbalance of the propellers.

The C-97 then flew about 1,000 miles on the two starboard engines to a safe landing at Hilo on the big island of Hawaii.

Author: MacArthur Job
Publisher: Australian Aviation (August 2001)
ISBN: 978-1875671489
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